Eric J. Allen

Assistant Professor of Accounting
University of California at Riverside



Does Parenting Matter? U.S. Parents, Non-U.S. Parents, and Global Firm Taxes, with Susan Morse (Journal of Law Finance and Accounting 2019)

Innovation and Taxation at Start-Up Firms, with Susan Morse (Tax Law Review 2016)

Reference Dependent Preferences: Evidence from marathon runners with Patricia Dechow, Devin Pope, and George Wu (Management Science 2016) Online Appendix

Firm Incorporation Outside the U.S.:  No Exodus Yet - with Susan Morse (National Tax Journal, June 2013)
Outside Coverage: New York Times

Accrual Reversals, Earnings and Stock Returns with Chad Larson & Richard Sloan (Journal of Accounting and Economics, June 2013)

Working papers

On the Tax Efficiency of Startup firms, with Jeffrey C. Allen, Sharat Raghavan, and David H. Solomon

Outside Coverage: New York Times

Outside Coverage: Wall Street JournalDeadspin

Invited Papers/Presentations:

2020: Hawaii Accounting Research Conference, Financial Accounting Reporting Section Mid-year meeting (Discussant-Winner of Best Discussion Award), National Business and Economics Conference, Washington State University (Scheduled), University of Toronto School of Law.

2019: Hawaii Accounting Research Conference, University of California at Riverside, Rutgers University, American University, Ohio State, AAA Western Region Meeting (Discussant)

2018: Hawaii Accounting Research Conference, New York University, Southern California Accounting Research Forum, Harvard Business School.

2017: USC/UCLA/UCI Accounting Research Symposium, UC Davis Accounting Research Conference, Loyola Law Tax Policy Colloquium (Discussant)

2016: AAA Annual Meeting, NTA Annual Meeting, AAA Western Region Meeting (Discussant)

2015: NYU/UCLA Tax Policy SymposiumUNC tax Symposium, University of Oregon, ASSA Annual meeting, NTA annual meeting, USC/UCLA/UCI Accounting Symposium, AAA Western Region Meeting (Discussant)

2014:  Behavioral Economics Annual Meeting, UC Berkeley Psychology and Economics Research Seminar

2013: HKUST Accounting Research Symposium (Discussant)

2012: UNC Tax Symposium, London Business School, University of Southern California, Southern Methodist University, Rice University, University of Arizona

2011:National Tax Association Annual Meeting, American Tax Policy Institute conference on International Taxation & Competitiveness, American Accounting Association Annual Meeting, Critical Tax Conference - Santa Clara University, Traynor Summer Workshop - University of California Hastings, American Tax Association mid-year meeting - JLTR section, Cal State University Fullerton.